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How to Get Stone in Ark: A Complete Guide

Survive and thrive in the prehistoric world of Ark: Survival Evolved by mastering the art of stone collection.


Are you struggling to find stone in Ark: Survival Evolved? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the most effective methods to acquire stone resources. As one of the fundamental materials in the game, stone plays a crucial role in crafting, building, and ultimately surviving. So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting ways to obtain stone in Ark!

Stone fortress - a symbol of strength and survival.
Stone fortress – a symbol of strength and survival.

Understanding the Importance of Stone

In the unforgiving world of Ark, stone is a valuable resource that serves multiple purposes. From constructing sturdy bases to crafting essential tools and weapons, stone is the backbone of survival. Without a steady supply of stone, progressing in the game becomes an uphill battle. Therefore, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of stone and its various uses.

Stone is primarily used for building structures such as walls, foundations, and even entire fortresses. Its durability provides a solid defense against hostile creatures and other players, ensuring the safety of your tribe. Additionally, stone structures offer better protection against the elements, making them a reliable choice for long-term survival.

Moreover, stone is an essential ingredient in crafting various tools and weapons. From stone pickaxes to stone hatchets, these basic implements are essential for gathering resources and defending yourself against the dangers lurking in Ark. Without a doubt, stone is a resource you can’t afford to overlook.

Mining stone with a metal pickaxe - the tried and true method.
Mining stone with a metal pickaxe – the tried and true method.

Exploring Different Methods to Obtain Stone

Now that we understand the importance of stone, let’s explore the different methods to acquire it. Whether you prefer the manual approach or utilizing the strength of dinosaurs, there’s a method suited to your playstyle.

Gathering Stone Manually with Tools

The most straightforward method to gather stone is by using tools. A stone pickaxe or a metal pickaxe provides the best results, allowing you to harvest stone efficiently. Simply find a suitable stone-rich area, equip your tool, and start mining. The process may be time-consuming, especially at the beginning, but it’s a reliable method to accumulate stone resources.

Utilizing Dinosaurs for Stone Gathering

If you’re looking to expedite the stone collection process, taming and utilizing dinosaurs is the way to go. Certain dinosaurs excel at gathering stone, making them invaluable assets in your quest for resources. The Ankylosaurus, for instance, possesses a powerful tail swing that can yield a substantial amount of stone. Other dinosaurs like the Doedicurus and the Castoroides also have unique abilities that make stone collection a breeze. Taming and utilizing these creatures effectively can significantly boost your stone gathering efforts.

Exploring Alternative Sources of Stone

While gathering stone manually and utilizing dinosaurs are the primary methods, Ark offers alternative sources to find this precious resource. Venturing into caves or exploring underwater locations can sometimes reveal hidden deposits of stone. However, be prepared to face additional challenges and dangers in these treacherous environments. Always proceed with caution and ensure you’re adequately equipped before embarking on such expeditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To address common queries and provide further clarity, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about stone collection in Ark.

How long does it take to gather a significant amount of stone?

The time required to gather a significant amount of stone depends on various factors, such as your tools, the presence of dinosaurs, and the availability of stone-rich areas. With efficient tools and the assistance of stone-gathering dinosaurs, you can amass a substantial quantity of stone relatively quickly.

Are there any specific locations where stone is more abundant?

While stone resources are scattered throughout the Ark world, some regions tend to have a higher concentration of stone. Mountains, rocky cliffs, and river banks are often excellent areas to find abundant stone deposits. Exploring these locations will increase your chances of encountering large quantities of stone.

Can stone be acquired through trading or other means?

Unfortunately, stone cannot be acquired through trading or other non-gathering means. It must be manually collected or obtained with the assistance of stone-gathering dinosaurs.

What tools or dinosaurs are recommended for efficient stone gathering?

For manual stone gathering, a stone pickaxe or a metal pickaxe is recommended. When utilizing dinosaurs, the Ankylosaurus, Doedicurus, and Castoroides are excellent choices due to their unique abilities to gather stone efficiently.

Is it possible to automate stone collection in Ark?

While automation is not directly available in Ark, you can simplify the process by assigning tasks to other players or utilizing multiple stone-gathering dinosaurs simultaneously. This way, you can streamline stone collection and focus on other aspects of survival.


Stone is an invaluable resource in Ark: Survival Evolved, essential for building, crafting, and ensuring your survival in the prehistoric world. By utilizing the methods discussed in this guide, you can efficiently gather stone and unlock new possibilities within the game. Remember to experiment with different techniques, employ stone-gathering dinosaurs, and explore the diverse landscapes of Ark. With a steady supply of stone, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

So, venture forth, master the art of stone collection, and carve your path to survival in the extraordinary world of Ark: Survival Evolved!

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