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How to Get Kratos in Fortnite 2022: A Comprehensive Guide


Fortnite, the wildly popular battle royale game, continues to captivate players worldwide in 2022. One of the reasons for its enduring success is the addition of exciting and iconic characters as playable skins. In this article, we will delve into the world of Fortnite and guide you on how to obtain the legendary character, Kratos, in the game. So, gear up and get ready to conquer the virtual realm as the mighty Kratos!

Understanding Kratos in Fortnite

Kratos, the formidable protagonist from the acclaimed God of War series, has made his way into the Fortnite universe. This unexpected collaboration has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, generating immense excitement and anticipation. As a player, having Kratos as your avatar not only showcases your love for these two iconic franchises but also grants you access to unique abilities and a powerful presence on the battlefield.

How to Unlock Kratos in Fortnite 2022

Now that you’re eager to unleash the power of Kratos in Fortnite, let’s explore the step-by-step process of obtaining this legendary character.

  1. Check for Limited-Time Promotions: Fortnite occasionally offers limited-time promotions in collaboration with other franchises. Keep an eye out for any special events or promotions that may grant you early access to the Kratos skin.

  2. V-Bucks: The In-Game Currency: V-Bucks, the virtual currency in Fortnite, is essential for purchasing cosmetics, including Kratos. Make sure you have enough V-Bucks to unlock the Kratos skin. If you’re short on V-Bucks, you can purchase them through the in-game store or earn them by completing challenges and leveling up.

  3. Navigate to the Item Shop: In Fortnite, the Item Shop is the go-to place for all your cosmetic needs. Regularly check the Item Shop to see if the Kratos skin is available for purchase. The skin may appear in the featured section or the daily items section, so keep an eye out for it.

  4. Acquire the Kratos Bundle: Once you spot the Kratos skin in the Item Shop, make sure to purchase the complete Kratos Bundle. This bundle usually includes additional items like a back bling, pickaxe, and other cosmetic enhancements, making it a worthwhile investment.

  5. Equip and Showcase Kratos: After successfully purchasing the Kratos skin, head over to the Locker section in Fortnite. Here, you can equip the Kratos skin and customize it to your liking. Show off your new avatar to friends and foes alike, asserting your dominance on the virtual battlegrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions that players often have regarding obtaining Kratos in Fortnite:

Q1: Can I unlock Kratos through gameplay or challenges?
A: As of now, Kratos is primarily available for purchase in the Item Shop. However, keep an eye out for any future challenges or events that may offer alternative methods to unlock Kratos.

Q2: Is the Kratos skin exclusive to a specific platform?
A: No, the Kratos skin is available for all platforms that support Fortnite, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Q3: Can I use the Kratos skin in all game modes?
A: Yes, once you unlock the Kratos skin, you can use it in all game modes, including Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

Q4: Will the Kratos skin be available indefinitely?
A: While the availability of cosmetic items in Fortnite is subject to change, it’s best to act promptly when the Kratos skin is in the Item Shop to ensure you don’t miss out.


In conclusion, unlocking Kratos in Fortnite 2022 opens up an exciting realm of possibilities. As a player, you can embody the iconic character from the God of War series and showcase your gaming prowess on the virtual battlefield. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to securing the Kratos skin and enjoying the unique abilities and aesthetic enhancements it brings. So, don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to harness the power of Kratos in Fortnite. Get ready to dominate the game and leave your opponents in awe!


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